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Wednesday, August 11

To buy or not to buy

Here is a dilemma I have. I am obsessed with a couple of things. I want to own nearly everything I can lay my hands upon related to said obsessions. Then there are things released which make me wonder whether I really need everything.

Ezydvd tells me there are 8 new DVDs coming out that are 'Collections' of the best episodes based around a character of Buffy and Angel. Now, I own every ep they are offering on DVD already, and there appears to be no extras on the disk to entice me to hand over my card. So I am a little disappointed that I may have decided not to yearn to buy these disks.

Anyway. They are:

Angel - The Vampire Anthology

Cordelia - City of, There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb, Birthday, Waiting in the Wings
Fred - Over the Rainbow, Fredless, Supersymmetry, Shiny Happy People
Gunn - War Zone, First Impressions, That Old Gang of Mine, Double or Nothing
Wesley - Parting Gifts, Guise Will Be Guise, Loyalty, Sleep Tight

Buffy - The Slayer Collection

Angel - Angel, Innocence, I Only Have Eyes For You, Amends
Faith - Bad Girls, Consequences, Graduation Day Part 1, Who Are You
Spike - School Hard, Lie to Me, Lovers Walk, Fool For Love
Willow - Phases, Doppelgangland, Wild At Heart, New Moon Rising

So each disk has eps based around one character, right? This is the part that I have the most trouble getting past, is each show is about an ensemble of characters. Yes there are many examples there where the eps are certainly focused mostly on one, but 'City of' isn't about Cordelia, nor is 'Lover's walk' really about Spike. So unless each has a big secret to the amazing extras they have, I'll be content to have them on separate disks.

I think I've convinced myself I don't need them now.


Holes is out on August 18th. Yay!

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

I heard about these character compilation DVD sets a while back and I'm still bemused as to the point? I could only think that they were designed for people who didn't like the shows enough to buy the full DVD sets.. or for people who are crazy obsessed with a particular character.. *eyes the Spike set surreptitiously*

$24.95 for four eps though, that's a bit steep! For that price I'd need some significant extras; say, an actor commentary on each ep, and an amusing blooper real or some such thing.

12/8/04 1:06 pm

Blogger Violet said...

Don't fall victim to the merchandising machine. If there aren't any extras then you're just forking out hard-earned money for stuff you already have...

12/8/04 5:53 pm


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