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Tuesday, August 10

Barren Wasteland

That's what we are heading toward at the moment in TV Land. There's barely anything on that I want to watch. It's a bugger, how else am I meant to make myself feel better about having nothing better to do than stay home, if there's nothing worthwhile to watch on TV?

So we're in limbo land, where it's still ratings time, but most of the major series are or have come to a close. Some they stretched by airing repeats for months, some they sped through to get them out of the way, and some disappeared without making a sound.

What are we presented with? Simpsons, CSI, Friends, Raymond, Law & Order, Law & Order: SUV repeats; an abundance of home renovation, diet or extreme make-over shows; and double episodes of CSI, Law & Order: SUV, and Crossing Jordan.

Things aren't looking good. Why not throw in the Olympics for good measure.

As of Friday, 2 free-to-air stations will be mostly dedicated to Olympic coverage. Out of 5 options, that's too much!

This would surely provide a small challenge to the other networks, who know they are going to lose out not matter what. Why not use this opportunity to take some risks? Surely this is the time for it.


On the first Saturday night, what does 9 counter with, a marathon of 3 Police Academy films. I recall it was only recent that they played these in late night slots, over a few weeks. So why bring them back now!

SBS. Why did you sign a deal with the devil? Channel 7 is evil. We all know this. I was hoping it would at least be showing something strangely interesting for me to get lost in. No, you're now showing 15 hours of sport a day.

The weekends are going to be a nightmare. 2 x Olympics, 1 x AFL, 1 x Golf, 1 x Rugby League. That makes 5!

Ok. It's not all bad. This Friday night, 7 is airing Cirque Du Soleil's La Nouba. Everyone should watch this. It will amaze you. I dare you not to enjoy it, even a little. Of course, I've got plans for this Friday night.

This is when I am truly happy that I spend so much money on DVDs, because over the next 3 weeks, I'm going to need them.

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Blogger Violet said...

NZ television's sport-blinkers are at least as bad. Winter tv is dominated by rugby matches, summer by cricket matches, and Olympics will be on most of the time on at least one channel. This sort of programming reflects a nation of people to whom it is an extraordinarily big deal to lose a match on a national level. Especially to an Australian team.

It'll give me another excuse to study or watch our Kath and Kim DVD

11/8/04 6:16 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

Not a fan of Australian Idol then? It didn't even garner a mention! ;-)

I still don't know whether it makes me cool or a complete loser to admit that I'm an AI addict. Ah well, cool or loser, I don't mind either way... as long as I get my thrice weekly fix of AI!!

11/8/04 8:30 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I tend to block out how cricket and football dominate those two seasons. And I won't even start on a nations unhealthy obsessions with sports.

DVDs are the best. Not only to have the movie/TV show in the best possible form, but the hours of other stuff you get with them.

I don't mind Australian Idol. I watched the last rounds last year, once they weeded out most of the real crap. But I just can't watch most of the lead up. It's pretty bad TV. The performance show with the couches and those hosts... I just can't force myself to watch that. So I'll hop on the bandwagon once they get into the big set with an audience.

I totally missed the AI link. I was thinking. She watches that movie 3 times a week? Wow!

11/8/04 11:40 pm


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