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Tuesday, August 10


I hate winter. Not the cold, or the layers, or the excessive power bills.

I hate it because of static electricity.

I spend 4 months of the year having harsh electrical jolts shot at me from a wide variety of objects.

People brushing past me in shopping centres, taking off jumpers, my dog, the car, washing machine, steel shelving.

The worst I've found, other than people inflicting the zaps upon me, are the CD racks in Sanity. I reach out to pickup a CD and BAM! I flick my hand away and shake away the sting. The amount of strange looks I get from the shop assistants..... apart from the looks they give me normally anyway.

I was wearing a pair of cord jeans the other day and brushed against a metal railing and got zapped via the little rivet in the side of the pants. Was not happy.

The only good thing about static is being able to stick balloons to things with it.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Ben said...

Being able to make sparks every night is cool. Stay away from trampolines and small children though :)

11/8/04 11:26 pm

Blogger Draic said...

I hear ya! Every single time I get out of the car... ZZAP! All of a sudden something you used to do through habit becomes a dangerous act.

12/8/04 1:41 pm


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