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Monday, August 16

Paper Cuts - The Da Vinci Code

This is most of the reason I've not been online posting. I'm completely absorbed by this book.

From what I've read so far, nearly half the book in 2 days, I'm already recommending it to read. If you want intellectual thoughts on how good it is, go to a book shop and open up the first few pages. They are full of praise that surpasses anything I could contrive.

Traditionally I stay away from books set in the real world. I am all for escapism, so I read fantasy or things that put a twist on reality. I had heard of The Da Vinci Code, but knew nothing about it. While out having retail therapy I came across the softcover edition for cheap + a discount. Into my pile of books it went.

Having sated my need for Buffy and Angel novels for now, it was the obvious choice to read next (that, and I've got no room for more books on any shelf right now).

I am amazed at the amount of info that is stored in the back of my brain that I never call upon. The Da Vinci Code is a vast wealth of information woven around a mystery. There have been a number of plot revelations when I have thought 'I know that! why didn't I see it?'

I am enjoying because if it wasn't based in so much fact, it would seem a totally absurd and unlikely tale. Some of the information can be a bit confronting if you've never delved into this side of human society.

Buy it. Read it.

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