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Thursday, August 19


Contributing to another blog, ie Blogtionary, has it's drawbacks. I went through the dashboard and began composing that last post. After publishing I opened up the blog, only to find out I'd written the whole thing in Blogtionary. Bugger!

For no apparent reason they change position in the dashboard. This means I'm going to have to pay more attention to what I'm clicking. Dammit.

More on 'Next Blog' clicks...

I don't like picture blogs. I've come across a few now, and I feel absolutely no will to return to any of them. I think it is my interest in language. I enjoy reading blogs that are written in a unique fashion or perhaps from a different perspective. Nearly all the blogs I regularly visit make me laugh. I would much rather read a description of the funny thing your pet did. Writing about it reveals more about the author than a cute picture.

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