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Tuesday, August 24

IMDb User Comments Insanity

As it is fairly clear that I like to see films. I enjoy talking about them and also what I thought about them. There are times when I seriously don't enjoy a film (re: Troy), so I have a rant but I try to not have them frequently.

As part of the process of my writing, I visit the obvious place for info about films, IMDb.

The worst and sometimes best thing about IMDb is the 'User Comments'. For films I've not heard of they tend to be helpful to find out what it's about. For films I know, it is handy for other peoples perceptions. This is where I go nuts. There are so many people who write nasty thing about films.

Now, I know that one film will never please everybody, but the fact that the majority of the comments are negative toward nearly every film drives me to my limits. I understand if a film is despised because it is crap, there's no shortage of crap out there, but I get testy when every film is downed.

It would appear that people who feel strongly enough about these films to comment are the ones who mostly abhor them. Don't even bother going into the forum links at the bottom of most.

That's my insane rant for the month.

5 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Pickwick said...

eh... that's not so insane, you know.
ever think to add your own, favourable review? especially for stuff you actually detested? ;-)

25/8/04 4:45 am

Blogger Ben said...

whinging on forums is a pretty common problem. unfortunately. I don't think it's limited to IMDb.

25/8/04 10:54 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

It's probably not as insane as I felt while writing it. I was a bit ticked off with it all and there was no one round to vent to.

My own favourable reviews go here. This is as much public humiliation I can take at one time. Subjecting myself to a huge audience like that is way too intimidating. I have contemplated it, but my fear of that type of public writing still stands.

It's the constant negativity that keeps me away from forums of any kind. There are a few that I've been part of, but most had a large established group that was hard to penetrate. So I tend to drop into the background and just lurk.

Having this blog is my antidote. It's all about me, and I can't feel excluded because there is no one to exclude me. If no one visits, I'm OK with that too, because I write for me. This is why I am very grateful for people who link to this blog and people who comment (even if it's because they suffer from OCC).


26/8/04 1:07 am

Blogger Ben said...

orange county contagion?

you write good reviews. don't ever be put off by a meandering mass of mindless negativity!

26/8/04 10:09 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Obsessive Compulsive Commenter of course!

Thank you for your kind words. I will do my best not to be put off by a meandering mass of mindless negativity.


27/8/04 12:05 am


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