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Thursday, August 19

Angel Season 4

I bought home these DVDs last week, but hadn't started watching them. I had not watched most of these episodes since their original airing here. It was like seeing them again for the first time. I recall all the main plot points, but with all Joss shows, it's the little things that have the most importance.

I've just finished watching 'Apocalypse Nowish'. A spectacular episode. It was a very big thing to pull off so early in the season. The size of the fight scene, the harbingers, and eventual rain of fire are evens of a season finale, not episode 7. Both Buffy and Angel were suffering from premature apocalypses. I felt both shows went to the dark place way too early. Buffy 7 had so many places it could go, but spent 3/4 of the year wallowing over the Big Bad.

Such a shame Firefly didn't last longer. It would have been nice to see where Joss could take a show that wasn't driven by the evil it had to fight.

Back to Angel.

Cordelia is the weakest part of this season. She sucks at being evil. I have no idea whether it's got to do with Charisma's acting ability (which had been rather good) or some ambiguity over where her character was going. It all feels very hammy. When you put it beside the likes of Wesley, Fred and even Lorne, the ham can't be ignored. Charisma's pregnancy would not have made life easy, but her bonking Conner still made me go 'That's just wrong', all over again.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

I'd forgotten about Cordy and Conner getting all "groiny" - must agree with your sentiments concerning that event. But then, Conner was a character that I never grew to appreciate and most things he did were off-putting.

20/8/04 1:57 pm

Blogger Ben said...

(Just saw I had commented with this on the wrong page, doh!)

We've been watching those too, but not as fast as you have! Only saw the second episode last night, the one with Gwen the electricity girl. Quite enjoyed that :)

My memory of the season is that it was great and then kinda woozled off during the Jasmine episodes. About the time you say...

But I'm looking forward to watching it again anyway :)

21/8/04 10:21 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

I seem to recall that you weren't able to complete your Buffy collection at the recent K-Mart sale, so I thought I'd pass on news of an even better upcoming deal: check out Empire DVD for super bargains! :-) Now I'm glad my local K-Mart didn't have Buffy season 7!

24/8/04 4:39 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I was never a fan of Connor's. For some reason I just found him irritating. So it must have been some sort of transference during the act of getting groiny. I admit when he came back in the last season, I was more open to his return. Something about time makes the heart grow fonder?

Commenting on the wrong page! :-)
I've no idea what that is like....

Today I watched Long Day's Journey and Awakening. Angelus' evil laugh is a very good statement over a pretty cool twist in the tale.

I feel the same about the woozling off at the end. I think it's a symptom of the lengthy apocalypse fever.

Thanks for the tip Muzekez. I have only one more pact to get. I'll be looking further into it. I am glad I got the other when I did. Otherwise, I'd not be able to watch the Angel eps I am now :-)

24/8/04 11:25 pm

Blogger Ben said...

Connor was cool when he first return at the end of season 3; full of anger and bitterness, a warrior trained, doing all the right things to stir up trouble and action. The Cordy put the whammy on him and he cried. And he just sooked his way through the whole of season 4 thereafter. imho.

lot more potential in his character I think, than we ever got to see. drawn out apocolypse yeah... I think after the big bad jasmie was kinda, well, ... have you ever watched 24? surprising the actors from Angel/Buffy that have turned up on it. Jasmine being one of them.

25/8/04 10:47 pm


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