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Thursday, August 26

Paper Cuts - Ilse Witch

The Voyager of the Jerle Shannara. The first of the third trilogy based around Shannara by Terry Brooks.

I think I may have made a small error in judgement starting this book immediately after The Da Vinci Code. The first few chapters read very slowly compared to the light speed of the Code. Not any fault of Brooks.

I'm well entrenched in the unravelling of the plot now, and look forward to what's in store.

I have not read the original Shannara series, and only the first two volumes of the Heritage series. I wasn't caught up in the story enough to immediately continue that series. I thoroughly enjoyed Brooks's Word and Void books. The three separate time periods of Nest's life were very interesting.

Ilse Witch is much further into the future than the Heritage series, yet the same good and evil characters remain. It is odd reading information on events I haven't read about. I seriously doubt anything now will spoil my reading of the last two books. I like the Rocs. Interesting creatures.

My only complaint is there is no handy map to give me a visual of all these places that sound familiar, but I can't quite picture. I know I could get one of the other books out, but who wants to have two books on hand. I'm far to lazy for that.

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