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Thursday, September 2

Good, Bad and Ugly

Tru Calling is back on our screens, scheduled at a far more appropriate, and survivable, Tuesday 10:30pm. Yay! This weeks ep, "Closure", deals with Tru reliving the day trying to save a guy who's probably going to die anyway. While watching this ep I found myself thinking of possible extremes the series could go. When will Tru die, and get to relive the day avoiding her own death? How often will she have restraining orders filed against her?

For those who like Stargate, 7 has picked up where it left off with the new series. I haven't watched this show regularly for ages now, and when I switched over tonight saw many characters I didn't know. I got scared and ran away.

Some bizarre news is 7 has acquired The X-files. Starting with the very first ep tonight, it's on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 11:30pm. I will make an effort to watch as many as I can, because I was not a regular viewer until much later on.

This week has the strangest and by far bizarrest combination of items. Historically schedules are arranged to keep a viewer watching, thus scheduling shows that are likely to appeal to similar audiences together. This Friday night can only be looked upon with head shaking.

8:30pm Mary Poppins (1964). Family.
11:30pm Pitch Black (2000). Sci-fi.

I really like both films but would any parent in their right mind not be disturbed to find their sprout, who has stayed out of bed a little longer, watching the start of the very dark Pitch Black? I doubt it.

And we come to the ugly. I can feel a guilty pleasure show creeping up on me. I watched nearly all of The O.C. this week. I laughed and enjoyed it. This could be the start of something scary.

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Blogger Jack said...

There's something so special about Eliza, isn't there? I love the X-Files. And Mary Poppins.
I wish I were home watching TV right now.

2/9/04 1:25 am

Blogger Violet said...

At long bloody last we're getting Tru Calling on NZ tv. The programmers have thoughtlessly scheduled it for 7.30pm on Friday nights so that's one good thing that's come out of not being a Friday night pary animal any more...

2/9/04 6:33 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

I tuned into the O.C for the first time this week (I'm usually at uni for a lecture, but was too sick to bother this week). I laughed too.. then switched it off halfway through. Thus continues my search for a new guilty pleasure TV show! :-)

2/9/04 8:36 pm

Blogger Ben said...

I knew that's what OCC stood for!

2/9/04 9:03 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Jack: Eliza has an interesting presence on screen. Faith would have been far inferior in other hands. She certainly has the allure to hold her own show.

Violet: Yay! For NZ broadcasters getting at least half of it right. Anytime Friday night is bad for any series. I hope you get a better time slot that will allow for you to develop the inner party animal :-)

Muzekez: I hope you don't have to search for long. Perhaps the new reality show where the chick has to guess who's gay is your thing. Or not...

Ben: Sorry bout the mix-up. I thought I worded it to be jokey enough not to be insulting. I'll be going back to my remedial English classes now.

2/9/04 10:27 pm


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