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Thursday, September 2

Road Sign

Saw The Village today, will post on it soon.

Just thought I would share a small thought I had earlier.

There are times I feel like I'm a road sign. People look to me for information and forget me once they are past.

8 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Draic said...

Does the road signs comment have anything to do with 'The Village' (other than being in the same post)?

As for the comment itself, I don't know that I look to you for information - unless it's Buffy-related.

I don't see myself as a road sign. People don't look to me for information. If I feel like a worthless inanimate object, it's either a one-job robot, or a sounding board.

4/9/04 2:18 am

Blogger Casyn said...

No link. Just same post.

I was just being all self reflecty and that was the analogy I thought of at the time. It's likely to be the only time I post something of this topic. If I posted every negative thought I had I'd never have time for anything else!

4/9/04 2:32 am

Blogger Pickwick said...

You are all introspectively, Casyn.

I somehow doubt you would ever be forgotten. I guess road signs can have great impact in that, whilst the information on it may be forgotten, the traveller knows they made it to the destination because of that sign.

Sometimes signs get turned around, too, and either point people in the wrong direction or can't be read. Sometimes they get covered with trees. Sometimes they get stolen by young louts and are no longer there to be read.

The last possibility makes me smile.

I know which one you are for me, and that's what's important. I know I am a)not past the sign and b)not forgetting it.

4/9/04 7:48 am

Blogger Pickwick said...

ooh, another analogy! Sometimes councils get in and remove signs, or change them, without any consultation with the rate payers... I:-/

4/9/04 1:53 pm

Blogger Ben said...

what kind of a road sign are you?

sounds like a quiz doesn't it ... and if such a quiz doesn't already exist maybe you can make it! :)

4/9/04 7:11 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Pickwick: I am all introspectively? See, if your going to twist words, and be cool, you can't make them a proper word. Should be, I was all introspectivey. :-)

I have to say that all are off the mark.

Glad I was able to engender so much response and thankyou for your kindness.

Hmm. If I were a road sign (and not anything to do with the post btw) I would probably be one of the yellow diamond ones that warn you of hazards ahead, that you may need to slow down or perhaps take more precaution. :-)

Definitely the one that says there is no loo for 100kms!

5/9/04 12:00 am

Blogger Pickwick said...

I stand corrected. I realised my error after I published, but thanks for pointing it out for the elucidation of all.

5/9/04 12:27 am

Blogger Casyn said...

It is one of the most annoying flaws of Blogger is the inability to do anything other than delete comments.

You must know that I read elucidation as education the first couple of times I looked at it...

5/9/04 2:03 am


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