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Thursday, September 30

Chasing The News

With the election looming, TV is being dominated by biased news, bad reporting, smarmy and smug politicians trying to appeal, pathetic smear advertising campaigns and sleep-inducing interviews it is excellent that there is unbiased, honest and truthful election reporting coming from the ABC in the form of The Chaser Decides.

The same people who brought us CNNNN, now bring us weekly insanity updates. Their humour is a little stupid at times, but the wit and style of the show encapsulates how I feel about the election; it's a bunch of stupidity.

The signature scrolling captions are as funny as ever. The caption writer tonight apologised in caption form because microsoft's word grammar tool is crap. The antics that go on in the 'Tally Room' behind them are not as funny as watching the panel ignore them. It was a wonder they weren't reacting to the dogs constant barking.

So if you want half an hour of laughter at the expense of our pollies, tune in to ABC on Thrusday night for 'The Chaser Decides'.

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Blogger verbs said...

Whilst I missed the second episode, I have to agree with your report. Like CNNNN (did you add an extra "N"?) it is a great watch, and the captions are crazy. I like to tape it and not read the captions so I don't miss anything, then read captions later.

1/10/04 12:32 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I did add an extra N. I got excited and couldn't stop :-)

I found again tonight that I was missing alot of the jokes because the captions were upstaging them.

I also forgot to mention the Spam retaliation. That was excellent. If real Spam was inflicted on email spammers as punishment, there would be no email spam ever again. Imagine eating Spam, and only Spam, for the rest of your (shortened) life.

1/10/04 12:47 am

Blogger Violet said...

We don't get that show here - we've only been getting Rove for a few weeks (it's great).

1/10/04 6:20 pm

Blogger Ben said...

I think you'll be delighted with Internet spammer can't take what he dishes out and bemused by SPAM and the Internet.

Thanks for the tip Chaser are back. Wish I'd known earlier, I have been missing it!! I think they may publish their news ticker online? I suppose I could look for a link but I'm going to eat tea (pasta, not the drink!) instead.

1/10/04 7:13 pm

Blogger Ben said...

“Why would Hormel Foods name its product after junk e-mail?” roflma … I forgot how funny that page was. Poor guys at SPAM!

1/10/04 7:15 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Rove has invaded NZ now? Today NZ, tomorrow the world! I used to watch Rovey all the time, but his formula gets tired rather quickly. Enjoy it while you can Violet :-)

The Chaser Decides has only been on for 2 eps this year. I don't know if it's going to go to CNNNN after the election next weekend.

I will try to be more prompt with my telepathic visions of what people want to know about in future Ben ;-)

Alan Ralsky deserves everything he gets! He feels harassed, poor fellow! Bleh!

Poor old Hormel Foods. Why would they name their product after junk email? I'm sure in 100 years time, when the 300 people left alive after Bush blows up the world, are likely to only have records of spam email and not SPAM meat products.

I feel slightly inspired to start up a fan website for SPAM, hopefully inspiring other to give SPAM the respect it deserves in this junk email driven time. :-)

In more election news, while you are out trying not to feel you are part of a pointless process on Saturday the 9th, Video Ezy is having a DVD sale. Yay! I can get a little too excited about these sales...

2/10/04 12:15 am


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