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Monday, September 27

I Can See Ya Nuts

Hmm, that joke only works if you say it, grammar gets in the way when written. Anyway, with the Full Moon tomorrow night I felt inspired to share how insane I felt last weekend.

While on the overnight drive South I was trying to find ways of keeping myself alert. I tried the typical things of unhealthy doses of coke, lollies, cold aircon, but the inevitable weariness was creeping in. I put on CDs that I could sing to and that worked for a while, then I got a sore throat from trying to go note for note with Combo Fiasco.

I tried other methods like talking to cars and trucks that drove past, putting the car in cruise control and jiving to the music. The strangest and most successful method involved hearing myself speak. I read aloud every single sign that I drove past for 2 hours. I did voices and bizarre accents, then I got stuck in a strange Japanese voice that cracked me up ever time I said something. If I had been pulled over for a breath test I'm sure I would have been taken away and locked up because I just kept laughing at myself.

Time to go put on my jacket with strangely long sleeves...

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