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Monday, September 20

Safe Return

I am back from my travels yonder and eager to get back into it all, but first a little rest is required.

I had many firsts on this trip, first long solo drive, first overnight drive, first school holiday traffic swearing at holiday drivers trip, first solo battle of inner city brisbane, first (and only) time I'll miss the turn off that means I don't add 40kms by going through Bundaberg instead of bypassing it, first time I saw Guy Sebastian, Paulini and Vanessa Amorossi in persons, first time I've operated a video camera worth more than my computer.

Was a good trip.

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Blogger Ben said...

welcome back Casyn. did you enjoy supanova?

20/9/04 6:58 pm

Blogger SingleFin said...

yay! rock the 40k detour! I have one very similar on the way to my parents! Ideal for making sure you don't have enough juice in the tank to get wherever you're going!

20/9/04 7:05 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

If only it was supernova I was going to. Alas, I spent my weekend in Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers. They put on a concert every year and that is what I was heading down to work on. I had to drive through Bris both times, which was fine on the trip down at 5am, not so good at midday on Sunday.

I was so very pissed that I missed the turn off to Gin Gin. I got into Bundy and became an irate road-rager at my own stupidity. The trip was so long because I had to detour twice to start with, so adding Bundaberg was icing on my tired crappy mood cake. We didn't finish the pack up of all staging until 3am, by the time I was back at the hotel, showered and ready for sleep was past 4. Up at 8 to leave by 9am. I was destined to be an unhappy camper. Still am I think.

21/9/04 12:39 am

Blogger MuzeKez said...

Glad to see you made it back safe and sound Casyn, if a little wearied by some of your travel misadventures. How was the Idol concert though? :-)

21/9/04 9:41 am

Blogger Casyn said...

The concert was quite good. Vanessa Amorrosi's band were fantastic and I was groovin away while trying to keep my camera steadily trained on Vanessa. It started to get cold after that, and by the time Paulini came out I was getting chilly. She only sang four songs, and I didn't think she did much with her voice. I kept expecting big strong notes, but was deprived. Guy was very poppy, sang his singles and did a bit of impro jamming with his band, who had apparently only been together one day. By the time Guy came out I was freezing and kept doing weird arm shaking things to keep the blood flowing to my hands!

21/9/04 6:51 pm


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