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Saturday, September 11

Little Things

It is funny how the simplest change can affect me. I get an entertainment e-newsletter from Yahoo everyday. It arrives between 1am and 1:30am everyday. I tend to be awake at this time (look below!) and I like to check up on any interesting news before I head to bed.

No longer can I do this. Yahoo has changed its mind and the layout of the email. It's not as interesting to look at and is less informative, and it arrives at 7am. The only time I'm awake this early is to go to town for work or play, I'm never online!

Stupid corporate decision makers who don't take my habits into account.

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Blogger Ben said...

I know what you mean. I left a mailing list I liked once because they kept changing the way it looked (not for the better) ... also they changed the address it came from (without telling anyone) so a couple of issues got deleted as spam before I realised.

That's the problem with the digital medium. Too easy to tinker, so it just happens so much more. Guilty of that myself. Then again, it's also the beauty of the medium ... \:)

11/9/04 8:30 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

It gets worse. Just downloaded today's newsletter and it came from a different address than yesterday's, so Outlook didn't download the images incase it was spam.

Grumble grumble.

12/9/04 12:58 am

Blogger Ben said...

you know there is probably someone who works there who came up with this new cool "must do" idea. and there is probably somebody else that works there that said "it's not necessary and you're just going to bother people really". insanity prevails!

12/9/04 4:01 pm


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