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Sunday, September 12

Chocolat and a Bubble

After finishing one of my favourite Firefly eps, Out of Gas, I flicked over and started to watch Bubble Boy on TV. I didn't realise that it starred Jake Gyllenhaal a fav actor of mine. So I stuck with it and ended up laughing my way through the whole film. An insane comedy where unlikely incidents happen right when they need to.

Jimmy, the boy in the bubble, has no 'immunity' to germs, hence the bubble. I missed the first 10 minutes or so, so I don't know the total reasoning, but I didn't find it necessary. Watching Jake try to run with the bubble was funny every time. I found the 'freaks' rather entertaining rather than weirdos. Who could look at Matthew McGrory the same way again after Big Fish. Verne Troyer is excellent as Mr Phreak. I noticed he's not worked since the last Austin Powers film, sad indeed.

A solid comedy with good a good script and solid cast I will add it to my 'will buy' list.

I spent earlier (or later, because it was afternoon) watching a great film about life and chocolate. Of course, I am speaking of Chocolat.

I really can't say enough good things about this film. Solid story that has a sense of whimsy but firmly rooted in life. Visually stunning; I dare anyone not to be able to smell the chocolate in the preparation scenes. The village looks like it's taken straight from a picture book. The score is a CD I have decided I want. A similar type of thing to the Amelie score.

You would have to be a cold hearted cynic to not at least appreciate the spirit of this film. I want to watch it again now.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

Casyn, I too adore "Chocolat". It's a beautiful film, in every sense of the word. I think director Lasse Hallstrom has a knack for bringing out the best from his cast. I'm a big fan of two of his other films, "The Cider House Rules" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".

I'd also like to add the film score to my CD collection. It frustrates me that film score CDs aren't as readily available here as they are in the States. Actually, the composer on that film was Rachel Portman, who also did the score for Cider House. That was one I was forced to import. I fell in love with it and simply could not live without it. :-) It's lovely mellow, relaxing, predominantely piano-based music. Quite a change of pace from the charming exuberance of "Chocolat".

13/9/04 10:19 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I've not seen Cider House Rules, but I do like Gilbert. Is Cider House based on a book? I'm more likely to see the film than read the book the way that I'm stockpiling books right now.

I am the same with film scores. I would usually prefer the orchestral or or composed score to a film than the 'collection' of tunes. Although, there are some of those that I really like too :-)

I tend to enjoy scores that use a wide range of instruments from traditional string dominated orchestral, to more specific regional instruments that don't fit into many situations well. Thinking about great scores always makes my mind travel to Howard Shore's masterpiece.

13/9/04 11:41 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

Cider House is indeed based on a book, by John Irving, who adapted it himself for screen. :-) I have the book, I read about a third of the way through (some time ago) and then stopped for some reason that I can't recall. It's still sitting on my bedhead waiting to be continued (or started all over again, as the case may be)!

Ahh Howard Shore - now there are three film scores that get a regular spin in the CD player here. Perfection is a strong word, but so appropriate in this case. :-)

14/9/04 9:12 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I like it when authors adapt their own work for the screen. Who else would have the best working knowledge of the book besides the author? It's not always a good mix because of various reasons, but it's a Utopian one.

If you stopped Cider House for a reason that was unmemorable, could it be that the book was the same? Books I have trouble reading don't catch me and drag me along for the ride, that's what I want.

Thinking about Howard Shore got me thinking about film scores in general. I feel a bloquacious post brewing :-)

15/9/04 12:45 am

Blogger onanymous said...

Perhaps you should try reading the Chocolat book by Joanne Harris. It is even more captivating than the movie (and I thought the movie was visually delicious), because it delves into the characters' emotions and motivations more, but be warned, the story is very different in a few places.

Cider House Rules was a great movie too, but after reading the book, I definitely became a John Irving fan, even though his vision is sometimes quite twisted.

15/9/04 3:22 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Chocolat the book is on my list of 'to read'. I have picked it up several times in stores, then put it back because I've got too much to read as it is. The DVD's extra stuff mentions how there are more characters in the film and I wouldn't expect anything less than a few differences.

I'll probably see the film of Cider House Rules before I read the book. Same thing as Chocolat, to many I already own to read, and I'm also not much for the real life based novel. But if I read it, guaranteed that I'll write about it here. :-)

15/9/04 9:33 pm


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