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Tuesday, September 14

A Watcher, I Could Be

Last night I received an sms, from a friend, asking a vampire related question. I instantly went into Watcher-research mode. I grabbed my thick (900 page) tome about the vampyr and searched for the answers. With the solution found, I smsd a reply with the answer...

and realised how very sad my life is.

9 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Pickwick said...

How is it sad that you were able to help a friend with a query? Isn't that exactly what friends are for?... okay, as well as going to movies, getting drunk... :-)

I've used too many runs of full-stops there, haven't I?

14/9/04 5:28 am

Blogger MuzeKez said...

sad? I was thinking how super cool you were to even own a 900 page tome about the vampyr!! *grins*

14/9/04 9:15 am

Blogger Violet said...

It's only sad if that's all you can do - and obviously it isn't. You also watch movies and read books :-)

14/9/04 6:01 pm

Blogger SingleFin said...

I hope it's not sad. I recently had a similar experience - replace "Vampyr" with "Landrover" and there you have it. Yeah, we rock!

14/9/04 10:53 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Such a response!

Pickwick: Not sad to help a friend, but sad that I got such a buzz from it. Does it reflect badly on me that I've not been drunk since, well, March?
Too many runs indeed. Verging on stop-arrhoea, I'd say :-)

The cat is out of the bag, Muzekez. I've not revealed too many my collection of odd books. The biggest being that vamp book. Tis a very interesting tome. That would be the first time, ever, the words super cool and you (referring to me) were used in the same sentence. Thank you!

Hmm, interesting perspective Violet. I get excited about research, watch movies and read books. I am becoming Giles from season 4! Now if only I had an old 'acquaintance' who would just drop in from England...

If I ever have a question about Landrovers, I know who to ask!

I want to say 'We rock!', but I know it'll be ugly. So...

Woohoo for people who know stuff! :-)

15/9/04 1:07 am

Blogger Ben said...

I'm not from England but hello. Wait… is this the friend that is a zombie that kills people? Or is this the "friend" friend? Or is this the—what season are we in? Season 4. Hey, that's on my desk. Hastily inserts DVD. OK, Buffy is—what? She's not in high school? None of her friends want to help her, leaving her alone and watcherless? Oh, this can't be the right disc… can it?

15/9/04 4:15 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

When I said 'friend' from England I was referencing Giles' 'friend' Olivia who drops by early in season 4. Now I want to go back and watch Hush again...

15/9/04 6:59 pm

Blogger Draic said...

Hey, I only just realised Olivia hasn't turned up in Season 5 yet.
I'm not sure why that realisation was so exciting, but there you go: All true Buffy-ers are obsessive and sad. But also, on occasion, 'super-cool'.

17/9/04 11:58 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Olivia only ever visits Giles in season 4. From then on he's resigned to the role of knowledgable-elder-who-never-gets-any. We assume that while he's in England in season 6 that he meets up with more old 'friends'.

Buffy nuts are super-cool. Until you see a large group of them, then they are scary :-)

21/9/04 6:55 pm


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