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Wednesday, September 15

Tru Calling And The O.C., With A Side-Dish Of Insanity

I am glad Tru Calling made it back to our screens after the Olympics. I think it is starting to find its feet as a show. It still has a long way to go, but the foundations of a good show are starting to be used. I liked that she didn't wake up at home tonight, and I also liked that she didn't see the body beforehand.

I cringed at the thought of another high school reunion type ep, but the twists and different directions were satisfactory. This ep was written by ex-Buffy full timer, Doug Petrie who is one of many writers looking for shows. Jane Espenson has joined Tru Calling full time for season two. So I'm hoping for good things.

It's official. I'm hooked on The O.C.. I find it rather funny. Likely that I'll not be mentioning it here again.

Is it just me, or do the auto edit pencil things I can see beside the post date and time look like bananas? If you have auto-edit on, you'll be able to see them too. I say bananas they are.

3 viewers interjected with:

Blogger SingleFin said...

Right, what exactly is the OC? I've read people raving, nay, waxing lyrical about it in blogs but that's the only place I've ever encountered it. A TV prog of some sort? Is it fun?

15/9/04 7:34 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

The O.C. is short for Orange County. It's a teen-type American show. The main cast are high schoolers but it also follows the parents quite closely as well. It's drama driven, but I find it really funny. It's cast isn't stunningly beautiful, they are kinda unique and some of the girls are actually kinda plain.

Think Dawson's Creek without the falling asleep watching part. Everyone lives in this huge estate and the houses are huge. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but doesn't do anything desperate like Dawson's Creek. The plots are simple and predictable, but that's part of the fun.

Guilty pleasure TV that I don't ask anything of and it delivers in kind. :-)

15/9/04 9:18 pm

Blogger SingleFin said...

Ah-ha. So, in summary, no car chases, explosions, dinosaurs, spaceships, robots, helicopters, jumping off buildings, big red numbers inexorably counting down to zero, red-wire-or-green-wire tense moments or someone firing a machine gun for a full minute without running out of ammo... I like my TV simple!
Ah well.

15/9/04 10:19 pm


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