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Thursday, September 23

You Are Not Real

I'm J.D..

Which Scrubs Character are You?
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9 viewers interjected with:

Blogger verbs said...

Dr Cox I am.

"I was just now wondering if there was anything that could actually push my headache into a full blown migraine... and there you are."

I love that show.

24/9/04 8:29 am

Blogger Casyn said...

So should I expect you to start calling me Annabell and whistling at me all the time? :-)

Dr Cox is my fav character of course. It took me a long time to warm to him but it's now impossible for me not to laugh at him all the time.

I wish they'd release it on DVD and that it would air regularly here. I believe the DVD's may be coming within the next year. I hope.

25/9/04 4:44 pm

Blogger verbs said... Cox I am, per the quiz, but verby I am in real life...which means I'm not quite that quirky (but only just) ;)

25/9/04 10:47 pm

Blogger verbs said...

PS: It should be eventually released on DVD. As for TV...well who could bloody well know what's going on there?

25/9/04 10:52 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I think being Verby would be far more tolerable in real life than Dr Coxy. He's funny to watch, but he'd be hell to be around.

Zack Braff mentions that the DVDs are waiting for the show to go into syndication in the USA, which may happen this year. So we live in hope.

I can't remember the last time I saw Scrubs on TV. I have seen a bunch of internet eps, but watching it in a 10cm square frame isn't so much fun. I think it aired on 7 (I think???), which pretty much explains everything.

26/9/04 12:19 am

Blogger verbs said...

It was (and hopefully still is) on 7. They tend to play it in the summer season...which is almost here!! :)

It ranks as one of my favs of recent was compared to Ally McB but is soooo different it defies comparison.

26/9/04 12:47 am

Blogger Casyn said...

Summer the season has certainly arrived and, yes, the ratings season is rushing toward its end. We are stuck in the middle of a quagmire of leftover series at the moment. I hope the off season brings out the usual good shows too smart to play mid year.

I'm not holding my breath for 7 to do anything. That only leads to blue faces :-)

Scrubs compared to Ally is like Buffy compared to Alias. Stupid! It's a funny show that's orginal and the funniest half hour comedy I've seen in a long time.

26/9/04 1:00 am

Blogger verbs said...

My dismay at the McBeal comparison originated from IMBD which in itself is probably a poor association on my behalf.

Scrubs and Malcom are, for mine, miles ahead of most original concept TV programmes on the box at the moment.

As far as blue faces go...indeed avoid Ch7 at all, Amazing Race shown at 10.30pm?!?!

26/9/04 1:47 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I have also learnt the valuable lesson of not readinig imdb comments. I just get angry at most of them.

I don't mind a bit of Malcolm, but I've not seen it in ages. I think I have a problem with watching tv around that time. I can't think of anything I watch regularly at that time. Odd.

I was rather pissed that 7 kept moving the Race around last year, to the point where I gave up trying to guess when it was on. It's a fun reality show that actually manages to achieve something, so naturally, they screw with it. Grrr.

26/9/04 2:08 am


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