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Monday, September 27

Slightly Rigged

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Not really true. I rigged it so that I was Piglet, the best character!

I was more honest in this one...

You are Neo

You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You display a perfect fusion of heroism and compassion.
What Matrix Persona Are You?

3 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Violet said...

Hey, I'm Neo too! But I was worried I'd turn out to be Cypher - not because he became a traitor, but because he was disillusioned...

28/9/04 6:16 pm

Blogger SingleFin said...

I'm Roo... a lot of growing up to do, apparently. Never!

1/10/04 9:03 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Neo rulz, so we do too!! :-)

Cypher wouldn't be a great result. He was disillusioned. But when forced into a world like that, who knows what mental rollercoaster our brain will go through.

Growning up is for old people! I look like I'm 12, and act like it alot of the time too, so I say go Roo!

Roo is my fav character, after Piglet.

2/10/04 1:24 am


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