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Friday, September 24


As my new profile pic has caused Muzekez the need to change her pants after she got off the floor, I feel the need to explain to avoid further pant-crapping.

It is a pic of the Narrator from a show called Shockheaded Peter. It is based on the children's stories written by Heinrich Hoffmann called 'Struwwelpeter: Fearful Stories & Vile Pictures to Instruct Good Little Folks' and you can read the stories online. If you think the Grimm tales are for sissies then these are the stories for you.

The show itself was a children's show, but as is the way with great children's theatre, adults enjoy it much more than kids. Full of puppetry and fantastic visuals, the show is heightened by the music written and performed by The Tiger Lillies. I bought the CD when I saw the show (twice) in Adelaide in 2000 and it's always a good laugh.

If you have the chance of seeing this show, go! If you live in England (bugger it), you've got a better chance than the rest of us.

I found my pic here and you can get the same copy of the original stories as I do here.

Stop fidgeting!

3 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Ben said...

It scares me too!

25/9/04 2:17 am

Blogger MuzeKez said...

I miss Fred. That is all. ;-)

25/9/04 11:08 am

Blogger Casyn said...

Sorry that a little photo can bring a grown man to shudder ;-)

I have funny, happy memories associated with the photo and it never occured that it's a bit freaky. Oh well.

It's not permenant, when I find the inspiration for a new image I'll chnage it.

I miss Fred too.

25/9/04 4:50 pm


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