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Sunday, September 26

Tell Me It's Not Tru

Originally meant to premiere its second season on November 4th, Tru Calling has been pulled from that date and will be starting later in the year. What does this mean? It's back in trouble most like. FOX ordered 13 new eps of the show at the end of the last season, but there is doubt they'll want more than the 6 eps in production. Looks like Tru won't be reliving many more days.

I hope this doesn't scare 7 into pulling it from Tuesday's 10:30pm slot.

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Blogger Ben said...

No doubt now channel 7 are committed to contuining to air Tru Calling in its timeslot; as they have been with all the other shows we've enjoyed watching over the years.

26/9/04 4:53 pm


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