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Saturday, September 25

I Tried

I am dissappointed with myself, for some strange reason, if I find that I don't like a show I was hoping to. A good example of this is 'Six Feet Under'. I was intriguied by the concept of a show set in a funeral home, dealing with those people's lives and how they cope in that industry. I watched a number of early eps (when Buffy wasn't on). Loved the opening with a new death every week, and the opening credits are great. Two things that should get me to hang around for the rest of the show.

For a reason I can't determine the show didn't click for me. I don't know whether it was the characters, who are all layered and interesting; or the style of language, with frequent strong words; or the style, with visually interesting cinematography. It may be all or none.

After I sat through the Emmy's earlier this week I gave Six Feet Under another go. Stumped was I when Michelle Tractenberg walked into frame!

I liked the characters, the look and even the language wasn't badly colourful. Yet, I still didn't want to keep watching. I thought, maybe it was that I wasn't able get into it because I don't know the characters histories, but the relationships weren't difficult to gather. There has to be some reason but I can't fathom what it is.

I admit defeat and file this show as "watch if it's there" but I won't be searching for it weekly.

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Blogger verbs said...

I know what you mean. My last flatmate arrived home one night and said "We gotta watch this show!" and I said "What's it about?". He said "No idea but the music is great!". He got hooked into the show, I was ambivilent.

Agree, great idea but...???

Is the new season now showing?

26/9/04 12:54 am

Blogger Casyn said...

Last weeks ep was the 43rd ep, and early in the forth season, which is the latest. According to the HBO site there's another 9 eps to go. They don't produce many eps a year, only 13 per season, which is nothing!

I would probably watch it if there was someone else in my house who was a regular viewer, but I'm not going to make the effort.

Now if it was set in a funeral home and the dead people got up and talked. Then I may have been a fan. :-)

26/9/04 1:27 am

Blogger verbs said...

Well in that case maybe you should watch's kinda out there and dead people have been known to wake up and speak...but perhaps not walk as gracefully (in an undead kinda creepy way) as you are thinkning.

26/9/04 1:37 am

Blogger cat said...

You know, I totally agree about that show. I thought I would really like it. A friend lent me the DVDs for season one and we watched them and enjoyed it. I even called my cable company to subscribe to the station that was going to be showing the new seasons (not HBO here in Canada) but we never watched it at all.

If I am flipping through channels looking for something to watch and it's on I will most likely stop. But It's just not as captivating as I hoped it would be.

By the way, cool blog. :)

28/9/04 10:06 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

HBO seems to produce TV that doesn't appeal to me. We don't get much of it here but the stuff we do doesn't appeal. Perhaps it's because HBO products are heavily American, ie Sopranos, which puts me off. Don't know.

Thanks for nice comment. Come back anytime! :-)

28/9/04 11:46 pm


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