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Sunday, January 1

Double the Buffy

Happy New Year!

How appropriate that my first post for 2006 be about my favourite of TV shows.

Buffy is back on TV. It seems that Seven are quite attached to the show and have rerun it over the Summer for the past few years. This week sees double the fun with two (that's right, TWO) eps aired back to back. Or maybe back to front, cause other wise the second ep would be backwards and that would be confusing. Anyway, the two eps are 'Reptile Boy' then 'Halloween'.

'Reptile Boy' isn't the best of eps. Although it does give Cordelia some great lines when trying to convince Buffy to go to the party. 'Halloween' is one of my favourite eps from the show. All the characters shine and the actors have a lot of fun. Xander gets to be the macho hero for once, Willow gets sexy for the first time, Cordelia is her usual self to pronounce the other's changes more, Buffy proves she's crap at accents, and Giles gets to scream like a little girl when Willow walks through a wall. Fun!

Returning to TV Sunday night, of Jan 8, is the highlight of last Summer, Carnivale. If you didn't get to see the last series, go to your local video shop and hire it, or even better, go buy it! It's the weirdest, most confronting TV series you'll see. It comes from HBO in the USA (otherwise known as "the land of sex and swearing", rather like our SBS) and really is a milestone in TV drama. Naturally it was cancelled after its second season.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

Ahhh Carnivale! Is it the much-awaited second series, then? *yay!* Or just a rerun of the first? *boo!*

Happy New Year to you too! :)

2/1/06 9:10 am

Blogger Violet said...

I've just purchased the last remaining DVD which was missing from our Buffy collection. Now we can watch it till the cows come home.

Carnivale was great - the second series was good too, though I was hoping for a happier ending!

2/1/06 9:22 am

Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I really hated Reptile Boy when I first saw it, and yeah, the snake is just the pits. But how can you not love an episode which has Willow telling both Giles and Angel off?

Though of course Halloween just knocks RB into a cocked hat of inadequacy by comparison: ghosty!!!

4/1/06 6:57 pm


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