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Thursday, September 29

Much Better

Rotten Tomatoes, the site I love to hate, has Serenity at 73% fresh, which is excellent! Much better than it was last night (a barely fresh 63%). The reviews are varied and most are actually a good read, even to get the blood boiling. Victoria Alexander's review is by far the worst. I can accept that she hated the film, but she has the eloquence of week-old road-kill, and... I'll stop before I say something truly mean.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

Yeah, I read that review by Alexander yesterday as it was one of the first posted, and pretty much ignored what she had to say after she called River "dopey". *blinks*

The movie is rating pretty damn well at rottentomatoes now!

30/9/05 6:37 pm


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