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Friday, September 16

Average Reviews

I've been reading quite a few reviews of Serenity and the word is mostly positive. Sadly though, one of the reviews from here is in Empire Magazine. I have to say that it's possibly the most wishy-washy review I've read in that mag for quite a long time. It compares Serenity to other sci-fi films and talks about the B-grade cast, but does very litle commenting on the actual film.

A very well written review can be found at Your Movies, an Australian movie site. Sign up for the weekly newsletter and on Wednesday, September 21, you will be able to see the Serenity review, trailer, synopsis and an interview with Joss Whedon.


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Blogger MuzeKez said...

Five stars! Great review. Funny that they originally called the Reavers "Reapers" (hey, makes sense!) but then corrected themselves in the review.

Also, the Empire review was pretty disappointing. Hopefully people who picked up the mag will check out the DVD and not place too much weight on the review.

16/9/05 11:04 am

Blogger Kirsten said...

We always buy Empire, and I must say their reviews can be hit and miss. A lot of the time I agree with them, but they are never completely the reason I do or do not see a movie. It is still the opinion of one person, after all.

16/9/05 3:28 pm


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