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Monday, September 5

Geeking Out! (Warning: Excessive '!' Ahead)

I was perusing Bloglines last night and saw that my old blog-pal Muzekez had posted. Such was the shock, that I was barely able to comprehend what I saw when her blog loaded.

Not only had she posted, but managed to show me something that I was, frankly, surprised I hadn't stumbled across already.

Serenity has an Australian website!

Not only that, but a kickarse site to boot! has the same standard info and downloads as the pre-updated US site, but a localised advance screenings page, plus the option to register and join the forum!

But that's not the reason to go.

They are holding a competition to win $5000!

Just for watching the trailer. It's only just over 3mb and well worth the short time to download and watch it.

For those who want more: if you register, head into the News Updates thread of the forum and find out about how to win a trip to the LA Premiere of Serenity where the cast, and of course, Joss will be!

All you have to do is promote the Serenity Oz site in some way that will get people to go to it.

This is the kind of marketing that I can appreciate. Get the people who are already going to see the movie to do all the work for you, and offer them incentives.

In other Serenity news...

Joss is coming to Australia!

I quote from the email I just received:
To celebrate Joss Whedon's impending visit to Australia, we have arranged a special event: Browncoats, We are thrilled to announce that Joss will be taking time out from his busy schedule here in oz to answer all your burning questions about Serenity and the Whedonverse. As special screening of Serenity followed by a Q&A with Joss has been scheduled! Screening will take place at Hoyts Fox Entertainment Quarter (formerly Hoyts Fox Studios) on Monday September 12 Film commences at 6pm Q&A with Joss Whedon to follow at 8pm Tickets are $30 each. Available over the counter at the cinema now Available online from 5pm today.
Go to
Melbourne Browncoats - stay tuned for details on a similar Melbourne event.
I can only assume that the tickets have already sold out, and won't get myself excited about trying to get down there.

As if that wasn't enough Serenity for one post, I have more!

After heading out to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today, I wandered past the leaflet panel of the cinema and was stopped mid-step. There in all it's shiny-ness was the Serenity logo on the front of a brochure. With trembling hands I pulled one out. It opened up to three A4 pages of Joss info. For good measure I grabbed two, and will probably go back for more, surely ebay will be worth visiting in a few years time...

So pop down to your local cinema and see if they have these wonders of printing.

AND finally.

Last but not least.

The end of this long post.

Empire Magazine will be doing a Serenity special in the October edition. "Apart from a special interview with Joss Whedon, the next issue of Empire will feature a special DVD featuring an episode of Firefly, two trailers for SERENITY, 20 great stills from the movie, a special look at the STARFURY convention including Q+A footage of the entire cast, and trailers for the boxed sets of Buffy and Angel."

If all that doesn't get you geeked up, then I don't know what will!

That's all folks!

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Woah dudes, that is some seriously good news!

6/9/05 12:30 am

Blogger Casyn said...

Oh! And I also asked at my local cinema today whether they were going to show it when it opens and they said YES!

There may have been tantrums if they had said no...

6/9/05 1:07 am


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