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Friday, January 6


The thing about new Blogger toys is sometimes I don't realise I've started something. I had no idea that moderating comments meant that they would all be lumped in cyber-hell until I discovered where they ended up. Thanks to the curiosity of Lisa Rullsenberg I discovered that comments were being published, but not appearing under any posts.

I have rectified the problem and switched off the moderation function. How annoying that Blogger stopped sending me the comment emails (which would make sense because I would know that I had comments waiting to be 'moderated').

Well all is better and the comments should be up and running now.

No wonder I was feeling like no one was reading this!

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Coo-ee!! I am here but it is still coming up as saying "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

I will copy this text to email in case it disappears still!

6/1/06 11:41 pm

Anonymous Belly Surya Candra Orsa said...

Great Blog..!!!! Keep Blogging.... :)

30/12/10 12:13 pm


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