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Wednesday, April 28

Reality Bites

A number of weeks ago Angel was swapped from Wednesday nights to Thursday and an hour later to the getting ridiculous time of 11.30pm. I've been known to rant about channel 7's treatment of the small amount of quality product it airs, so this is not new territory for me, but 11.30 is really pushing the limit of my patience. So to the actual point of this post....

The hour later time slot means that I'm trying to fill in time till 11.30 on a Thursday night. There's not exactly a great lineup after 10. I end up hanging round, leaving the TV on 7 waiting for Angel to start. So for the past coupla weeks I've been subjected to Average Joe Hawaii. I hate these type of shows, playing people against each other, ruining lives, all with a good dose of public humiliation, but every year there has been one that I've started watching and end up following it through. And it seems for now that Average Joe is this years guilty pleasure viewing. Every ep that I've watched, it has been funny. I can see the nuts and bolts of the show. How forced it is. How very cheesy. Yet when Angel wasn't on last week because of a longer ep of Joe I still switched on the TV. US Reality TV is like a virus, it just keeps spreading until your immune system eventually breaks down.

Tuesday, April 27

Paper Cuts

Reading is a favourite past time of mine. So in keeping with my adding of new things expect babbling about the current book I'm reading, books that are coming and books that should be avoided!

Current Cut - Sabriel by Garth Nix

Book 1 of the Old Kingdom triology. I'm liking it so far, an interesting mix of the usual sense of history in these created fantasy worlds, and modern technology. It started quite abruptly and I felt that I'd come in and the movie had already started. Once I settled in to the rhythm of the book it grabbed me and now I'm enjoying the ride.

Monday, April 26

Welcome to My Hellmouth

The problem with starting anything from scratch is actually starting it. What to say? Is the first post meant to be memorable? I certainly hope not.

Don't expect miracles.

For a while now I've hosted a site that has been dysfunctional and recently non functional. I lost the will to maintain it. So I decided to start again with a new approach and a wider variety of possibilities. The previous incarnation of The Slayer Library was purely Buffy centric. Well now that the show has finished, as predicted, it left me feeling lost at what to do with a dedicated site. Dump it of course! My intention is to reintroduce some of the elements of that site as links from this blog and add sections that I'm also interested in pursuing.

Currently I've gone with a basic template from blogger, but i'll tire of it quickly and want something smarter and sleeker.

Now on with the show....

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