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Thursday, November 10

Mostly Crap

I'm browsing Bloglines for the first time in ages and I'm wading through hundreds of news headlines from Yahoo, Ain't It Cool News, Joblo's Movie Emporium, Rotten Tomatoes and the cream of the crop, People Magazine (the US entertainment mag, not the Aussie porno...).

I have it in there because it occasionally has articles that are interesting to me. The problem is I have to wade through mounds of crap about Madonna's new song pissing off Rabbis, Brad's family liking Angelina, Uma's break-up with Ethan, Paris' break-up with herself, and Jennifer Garner's Affleck-spawn. I just don't care.

Now if any of these people decided to find their talent and involve themselves in an interesting and unique project, I DO want to hear about that. But you don't go to People Magazine for actual info.

However... As I'm slowly getting back in the loop of my movie and TV news I was interested to discover that a new Bond has been announced, by his Mum! Daniel Craig (someone who is selfish enough to have two first names) doesn't strike me as a Bond. He seems more like a second rate Bond villain. That's just my first impression. The only thing I've seen him in is Tomb Raider 2, which disguised actors with talent behind a crap script and appalling direction.

The other titbit I gleaned is that the new eps of the second season of Desperate Housewives aren't doing so well. Apparently it's lost its freshness. The main character's aren't in any scenes together and the menace has gone out of the plot. I wondered how long the secrets would keep going, but I didn't foresee them getting tired at the start of the second season! Sounds like whomever was in charge last year isn't as invested any more. It's happened before, and sounds like it's happened again.

Tuesday, November 8

Return to Transmission

After a few weeks of non-blogging I return with news of what some of our old favs from Buffy and Angel are doing in TV land.

TV Week interviewed Joss and reports his opinions of each actor. A pretty poor excuse for an article really, but it does tell us where we'll be able to see the actors next.

In summary:
Alyson Hannigan is starring in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.
David Boreanaz is FBI agent Seeley Booth (possibly one of the stupidest names...ever!) in the procedural Bones.
Charisma Carpenter has a reoccurring role on Veronica Mars as Kendall Casablancas.
Nick Brendon is a funny chef in Kitchen Confidential. Glad to see he's back on track and out of rehab.
And finally,
James Marsters is back what he does best: playing the bad guy. Except this time the small town he terrorises is called, well, Smallville. He plays Professor Fine, aka Brainiac.
And Mr Whedon himself is going to make an appearance on Veronica Mars as a rental-car manager.

I've no idea whether any of these shows are likely to see the light of day here. Smallville disappeared during its second season because Nine thought prime-time Saturday night was a good time to air a show struggling for ratings. Dolts.

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