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Friday, November 26

The Summer Wind

It's nearly over.

Yes this week is the final week of ratings. What does this mean? Don't bother buying a TV guide because it'll be useless. Expect shows that are mid-season to disappear, repeats of shows so oft repeated, even the digital copies are starting to show signs of wear and the typical myriad of Christmas specials, movies and ads.

The positive side of this is hopefully the networks start airing shows they were too afraid to air for ratings. Summer is also the time when ABC and SBS let their hair down and show some great arts shows and theatre. Makes me want to get out my tapes of the Beckett Festival SBS aired 2 years ago.

What would Summer be without sport. Nine removes themselves from our TV for days at a time by airing cricket, I'm sure there'll be some enthralling lawn bowls on ABC and, of course, SBS has hockey and soccer. I do watch a bit of the Australian Open, but that's the extent of my sporting viewage.

I look forward to a good Summer, even if I survive it with DVDs.

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Blogger darek said...

Just curious... Do you watch "The Wire" on H.B.O. over there? If you do, what do you think of it? I'm not a huge cop show fan, but for some reason I watch it every week, keeping an eye on the clock wishing it would never end.

29/11/04 9:05 am

Blogger Casyn said...

We don't have an equivalent of HBO here, but we invariably get most of the popular shows, like Six Feet Under and The Sopranos.

I've not heard or seen anything about "The Wire". Is it a new show? If it's not it may appear over Summer here.

If it does appear I'll give it a go and write about it here. :-)

29/11/04 11:32 am

Blogger darek said...

I'll look forward to reading your take on the show casyn, if it does happen along to your neck of the woods. It's season for us is currently coming to a close. Two episodes left. Same timeslot as The Sopranos.

29/11/04 4:12 pm


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