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Sunday, November 21

To Say Goodbye

Is there a computer at your work that is used by multiple people to, for example, check email?

Are you nearing the end of your contract or access to this computer?

I heard a good story while I was away...

I, like many others, use the auto-complete for web addresses in my browser and I think I pay attention to what site is guessed. Why not have a little fun, and see who actually is paying attention. Most people still use Hotmail (we know they need to use Gmail), so I recommend typing in "" into the address bar once and let the good times roll!

It may result in some hearty laughs, or maybe firing. Either way, it's funny for someone.

4 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Ben said...

lol. that wouldn't work at our office unfortunately, all staff have their own profile which holds all those kind of settings. not a bad prank though, and people do leave their pc untended sometimes ... ;)

22/11/04 9:31 pm

Blogger verbs said...

What actually does happen when you type in hotmale?

Casey Donovan was recently crowned Australian Idol -- this trick you have dreamed up would work by typing in her website address as opposed to -- not that anyone at work would be checking out Australian Idol websites...right?

22/11/04 9:59 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Well, if people leave themselves logged in, there are all kinds of fun to be had. Like changing favourites to different, not so good sites. :-)

I haven't typed it in to see, but from what I hear it's rather full on.

I caught the announcement of the Idol winner. I was totally stumped. I really thought the short guy would win, not that I liked him, just that he seemed more the 'Idol' type. I'm seeing a pattern, Guy wasn't the 'Idol' type either. Yay for us not adhering to stereotypes.

What was with the 'single'. It's boring!

I digress. I'm unlikely to be checking out any website related to Idol. So the .com/ question will have to be answered by another.

23/11/04 12:22 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but I like my job:-) Actually, I think our deal is like Ben's.

23/11/04 9:13 pm


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