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Thursday, November 11

Temperature Confusion

I am a Queenslander. This means that I like warm temperatures and don't enjoy the cold. Imagine my surprise when I step outside the apartment building I am residing in to find the majority of people wearing long pants and light coats. I was in my normal summer shorts and open shoes. No jumper. As a rule, I always step outside to check the temp. Today was no different, I went out onto my balcony and it was rather balmy and I dressed accordingly.

It wasn't cold! I am usually the first to grab a coat, so imagine my surprise to find the opposite of the norm happening. Typically you can spot the Qlder in southern states. We look like we're preparing for an Antarctic trip if it gets colder that 20 Celsius.

I enjoyed breaking the stereotype.


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Blogger onanymous said...

I like your new profile pic, but what is it?

11/11/04 3:24 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

It's a big Ring! Or Big Sphincter as we have named it. As Muzekez seems to have guessed where I am I can reveal what it is.

I am in Adelaide, South Australia, seeing the dress rehearsal of the massive Wagner opera 'The Ring Cycle'. Tonight was the third installment. I have one more too see. It's the longest one, running at about 6 hours. I'm in awe and amazement. I am so very happy I got to see it. And more so that I got to see it for free!!

12/11/04 12:49 am

Blogger cat said...

It's currently 0C right now where I am (well, outside anyhow). What would they do then? :) And that's warmed up from this morning's -6C!

Good for you breaking the mould and going out in shorts when it's 20C! We call that summer here. Ha!

13/11/04 4:39 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I would not handle that well at all! The coldest day I've experienced is a max of 11C. That was bad enough. I hope to travel to places that are likely to be that cold but I'll be sure to have an appropriate wardrobe, which mine currently isn't.

Yesterday in my home town it was 38C, so that's what I'm used to. It's not even Summer yet!

13/11/04 12:15 pm


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