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Wednesday, November 10

He's My Heeero

Firstly, staying in a second floor apartment in the dead centre of a capital city is a noisy affair.

So, how glad am I that I got to see Hero on a HUGE screen. I was sitting in the back row and it still felt like it went on forever. I'm such a country-bum sometimes. All I can say is:

Go see it.

If you live in Brisbane, go see it at South Bank cinemas, otherwise find the biggest screen and watch it there.

Empire mag calls it 'the most beautiful film ever made'. A big call, but it is well deserved. I was in constant awe. Nigh on every shot could be a painting. The colour palate is intrinsic to the story and for every perspective the tale is told from the colours change and become more a part of the story.

If you were amazed and entertained by the fight sequences in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon you'll be more so in Hero. There has been enough sprouting about these scenes already, so I'll just say:

Go see it!

The let downs for me were few. Jet Li isn't an actor with what one would call 'range'. He does quite well with most scenes and, of course, is excellent with the physical scenes but I don't think he brought the depth that could have been found in Nameless. The other is some of the Visual Effects sequences were not terribly convincing. I don't recall noticing any in CT,HD. There were a couple that were just too Hollywood, and brought me out of the world.

The story is played out a number of times as new details are added to fully explain everyone's actions and, thus, drive the plot. There was a couple of moments when I wondered how many times I would have to see some characters die. It is all worth sitting through. So:


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Blogger Violet said...

I thought "Hero" was absolutely stunning visually, but the plot could've done with a bit more complexity. Also, the first emperor of China was a bit of a ruthless bastard, and of course this fact is always omitted in any movie about the guy. You might enjoy "The Emperor and the Assasin", which is about the same topic but more Chinese than either "Hero" or "Crouching Tiger..."

11/11/04 5:23 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I didn't mention the plot simply because I'm not terribly familiar with Chinese history and as it was a fable of sorts I thought it best to leave it. But you are right, the plot was rather clunky. It let the film down really.

I read about the glossing over some of the facts. It happens so many films that it isn't terribly surprising.

I have heard about "The Emperor and the Assasin". Is it widely available, or something I'll have to search for?

12/11/04 1:10 am


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