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Sunday, October 31

Way To Much

I have previously criticised Sarah Michelle Gellar for portraying no interest in giving anything back to the fans, i.e. the people who make or break her. Her obvious absence in any DVD extra feature, or commentary, non attendance at the Posting Board Party or convention events. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire she defends her absence from DVD commentaries by claiming to be far too busy. I well accept that she would have been so, but put it in perspective here. Joss Whedon still found time to record commentaries for Buffy AND Angel while still running those shows along with Firefly, write a comic and a musical. Now, I know he’s a master geek, but at least he knows how to give back to we fans.

In another article SMG comments on the Buffy toon that is in the works right now. She is avoiding commitment (to many comments to make) at the moment and is unwilling to sign onto anything long term. The way the toon was pitched ‘to her’ was 'She can turn into things and have magical powers'. Does that sound remotely like the way it would be pitched? I’m confused.

Tru Calling is in contract hell. As previously reported, Fox had cut the 13 episode order down to 6, then as the 6th episode completed filming they stopped production. Eliza Dushku and Shawn Reeves appeared at a convention recently and announced that it had been canned. No official word from Fox has been given. Apparently Fox Studios is looking to farm the show out to the WB, but Fox Network has yet released the contract for the show. The DVDs for the first season are due for release in the near future. If sales go well, the 6 episodes filmed of the second season may be released on DVD, otherwise we’re just going to have to trust Jane Espenson when she claims they are far better than all of the first season’s.

Bad news folks. Joss has shut down Mutant Enemy. Apparently, he’s out of ideas for TV shows! What this means is don’t be holding your breath for anything Buffy or Angel related in the near future. No Angel mini-series, no Buffy toon, no nufin! At least we have Serenity to look forward too.

If you’ve read this post this far, then you are rewarded with a funny conundrum that I found. Well, not really a conundrum, I just like the word, but have a read of this short article and see what you think of the last paragraph. It’s a segue too loose for even me!

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