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Sunday, October 17

They've Gone Completely Mad

You expect free-to-air TV networks to screw us. You expect them to change their minds, pull the plug and make it as difficult for us to enjoy the experience of viewing as possible. But it has just gone too far!

Seven and Nine have totally lost the plot. Tonight I was looking forward to seeing From Hell, the Ripper story with Johnny Depp. I'd been to afraid to see it at the cinema, and had forgotten about it. So when I flick over to Seven at 8:30pm what am I looking at? Not Johnny. No! I'm looking at John.

John Travolta to be precise! Was I ticked? YES!

Was I surprised? No.

It seems that Seven and Nine are suffering from some form of panic attack. Neither are confident about what they schedule, so they pull it at the last minute. Tonight is a great example; Seven replaces From Hell with Domestic Disturbance, Nine replaces Training Day with a 'Sunday Crime Double' (sound familiar?) of C.S.I. and Cold Case. All because they were afraid they'd get no one NOT watching the ARIAs. I wasn't watching them and had no intention of doing so. Grrrr.

The scary part is tonight isn't the first time in recent weeks for this to happen. Last night Nine did the same thing. Pulled The Little Vampire and Analyze This and replaced them with Crocodile Dundee and Lethal Weapon 2. What sort of shmucks do they take us for? Do they think that playing a classic (yet tired) 80s film is more likely to get us to watch than a kids film, which are rare enough already?

Get your act together Seven and Nine or don't bother publishing what you intend to air.

9 viewers interjected with:

Blogger MuzeKez said...

Tell me about it! *shakes fist in consternation* I sat down on Saturday night to watch The Little Vampire and was horrified when that ridiculous Dundee movie started. :-(

Then yesterday I was flipping through the new TV Guide (from The Sunday Mail) and was excited to see listed, on the "Movies" page, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" 7:30pm, Saturday night, channel 7. Now even though it didn't get great reviews, I like Disney films and I've not yet seen this one. But when I flipped to the Saturday TV listing page, it has "Cadet Kelly" (some no doubt stoopid movie starring Hilary Duff) listed at 7:30pm on 7.

So clearly channel 7 just wants to get all possible bases covered, and they've got the TV Guide helping them out. Hrmm! If anyone happens to see one or the other film being advertised prior to Saturday night, please let me know?

18/10/04 2:52 pm

Blogger onanymous said...

Lethal Weapon II?
As much as I like the movies, this one contains some of the worst South African accents ever!

18/10/04 5:03 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Sorry to say Muzekez that 'Cadet Kelly' it is on saturday night. My source for latest TV schedules is 'Your TV', which is a link in my sidebar. It seems to always have the latest scheduling nightmares. The problem is that I'm not always online (surprising I know) when I want to know what's on TV.

If I'm planning ahead then I always checkout 'Your TV', and when you sign up you can favourite all of your shows and it gives you a weeks schedule of what you WANT to watch.

See, now I wish I had watched more of Lethal 2 so that I could hear the aweful accents. I went to school with a couple of peeps from South Africa, but their accents had thinned from living here for a few years.

Accents are a very strange thing. How often do we hear our native tongue being butchered by someone who has no idea what we sound like. Add to that when our actors are made to thicken their accents, or the biggest insult: when we are subtitled on American TV!

I feel a post brewing.

18/10/04 11:13 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...


Ah well, thanks for clarifying Casyn. A DVD night it shall have to be, then!

By the way, have you removed your tagboard or is it just hiding really well this morning?!

19/10/04 8:23 am

Blogger Violet said...

I had a horrible surprise when I accidentally borrowed a dubbed version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The dubbing was done in heavily-accented English which sounded like it was purposely so. At least sub-titles preserve the actors' actual voices.

19/10/04 8:24 am

Blogger onanymous said...

Oh dear, I hate that dubbed version of Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon. We went to see the movie at a commercial cinema (as opposed to a Cinema Nouveau)with no idea that they would be stupid enough to show the (badly) dubbed version. What a cringeworthy experience...

19/10/04 4:09 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

My Tag-board had a short but bright life. The were a few reasons why I pulled it, one of which was the annoying Amazon pop-up. I am sad to say it's gone for good. We'll have to rely on comments and emails :-)

Bad dubbing can ruin a film. I'd much rather have the original vocal track with subtitles. Sometimes, if I'm feeling lazy I may watch a dubbed version, or if the dubbing is really sleak and barely noticable then I may prefer that.

I've seen the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon dubbed version and it is rather horrible. My DVD has subtitles alone, which is the best way to watch the film. It's not like it has a vast amount of dialogue to dub anyhow. Try watching it without subtitles too and see how you go. :-)

19/10/04 10:08 pm

Blogger Ben said...

You didn't miss much with Atlantis Kez, but you can borrow it if ya really want. Personally I quite enjoyed CSI on Sunday :)

19/10/04 11:39 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I too enjoyed that ep. I like CSI. I own season 1 on DVD. :-)

What I don't enjoy is seeing the same eps over and over on Tuesday nights. Grumble grumble.

21/10/04 12:38 am


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