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Wednesday, October 13


All over tonight's news coverage was the national outrage at the booting of Ricki Lee from Australian Idol. I viewed most of the past 2 Sunday night shows to see how the finalists were going. Last week I was unimpressed with the people I thought were good early on, and impressed with the people I don't particularly like. The short guy's rendition of 'The Prayer' was surprising, and, I admit, it was rather good.

This weeks Beatles' theme was going to be a toughy. I liked most but a few bombed. Ricki Lee hit the hardest.

So why, then, is the media in an uproar over her removal from the competition? It's a week to week vote, and if you're crap one week, you'll get dumped. People have survived on popularity alone before (*cough* Shannon Noll *cough*), but eventually get taken down by more talented people. So, obviously Ricki Lee's popularity wasn't strong enough to take the blow of a distastrous performance.

As Dicko said, it's a tough biz. If you go out and perform to an audience who has paid money to see you, you'd better not blow it. You're only as good as your last performance is the saying.

I hope Ricki Lee is able to use the exposure she received to her advantage, and if she has what it takes, then we'll see more of her.

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Blogger verbs said...

I think the levels of outrage will unecessarily increase in the coming weeks, afterall only one person can win. I am not overly impressed with any of the contestants really. The short guy did sing well the week before, but that was a one off. He was back to his cheesy best on Sunday.

13/10/04 12:28 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

I thought Casey's performance was the biggest bomb and was stunned she wasn't even bottom three. Mostly I'm concerned that Aussie Idol is going to be exceedingly dull with bubbly Ricki-Lee gone. Never mind, I'm sure she'll be invited back by the Brissie Lord Mayor to perform at his Christmas Carols again this year. :-)

psst, I like Shannon's album. *gulp* ;-)

13/10/04 1:33 pm

Blogger Ben said...

She was the last Queenslander! It's enough outrage to cause any patriot to bound and plunge…

13/10/04 8:58 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

It wasn't this bad last year, was it? I don't recall it being this bad so far out. I remember a thing about Paulini, but no others.

I think I'm rather unimpressed all round. I just don't feel the need to watch. For me it had already reached dull.

Ricki lee is likely to be back if she's so popular. I didn't realise that she was the only Queenslander left.

I'll forgive you for liking the Shannon album Muzekez.
Just don't mention it again. ;-)

14/10/04 12:47 am


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