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Monday, October 11

Something Old and Something new...

This week sees the return of one of my guilty pleasures. The Amazing Race is back and it's back at a reasonable hour! Thursday at 8:30pm on Seven. They have advertised it as 'back by popular demand', which makes sense when last year they moved it around so much even I lost track of it.

Also returning this week is The Dead Zone. Nine is the culprit this time. This show also played the 'where will I be this week' game. Gets old real fast. Thursday night at 10:45. Lets hope it gets to stay thereabouts for a while.

Two new shows caught my eye this week. The first is Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). A BBC show from 2000, it's a duet crime show where one partner happens to be dead. English style with great special effects are the drawcards for me. I'll give it a go. Wednesday night on Seven at, brace yourself, 1:00am (as in Thursday morning).

The second is Jeremiah. Straight off it's got a few things against it. It stars Luke Perry. It's created by the same guy who made Babylon 5. It's not an original concept either. All the adults are killed and now the children are adults. It has another cast member you may recognise, Sean Astin. The blurb is:

Jeremiah lives in a post-apocalyptic world following "The Big Death," a mysterious but devastating plague which claimed the lives of billions of people -- everyone above the age of puberty.

The world, for this generation of lost children, was shattered forever when they were forced to bury their parents. Life has become a bleak and seemingly soulless attempt to stay alive - to plunder, forage or barter for food and clothes and to seek out the sordid and fleeting pleasures that briefly distract them from their lives of terror and savage desperation.
It began in the US in 2002 and is apparently still running, although I find it odd that Perry has just joined Tru Calling as a regular. Two shows at once is tricky! Jeremiah is on Thursday night at 12 midnight on Seven.

Here's hoping!

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Blogger Violet said...

Perhaps it was before your time, but "Randall and Hopkirk (deceased)" was a show I watched back in the Seventies. So the one you're about to watch is a remake.

11/10/04 4:00 pm

Blogger onanymous said...

Jeremiah is in its 2nd season here. I've only watched a few episodes (clashed with Buffy re-runs), and it was not too bad ,although it did strike me as an adult version of The Tribe, with more guns, and less bodypaint.
Still waiting for Tru Calling though.

11/10/04 5:02 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Theseries of Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) was in 1969. This new one is from 2000/2001 and apparently continues the same basic concept with new stories. If you get too see it I'd be interested in knowing the differences. I'll be sure to report my thoughts on it after Wednesday night.

There have been a few shows that have suffered the Buffy clash. Buffy will always win. I've not seen The Tribe, but at least I'll have a point of reference for it now. :-) Lets hope Jeremiah can last it out here.

I wish Tru Calling upon thee presently!

12/10/04 12:25 am


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