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Saturday, October 9

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The Animated Buffy is still in the works. Showtime have been rumoured to have expressed interest and if no US network picks it up you can bet that I'll be buying it on DVD :-)

If you love Giles, you can have a piece of him; for the right price, of course. Anthony Stewart Head is auctioning off the specs he wore as Giles to raise money to build a theatre in his home town of Bath.

Remember the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books? Well look out for 'Choose Your Own Buffy Adventure'! The Suicide King and Keep Me In Mind will have over a dozen endings. Cool!

When is too old too old? When someone is playing a character half her age...

Recipe for bad: Take two wonderful films, remove original creators, and add two sequels. Scary.

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Blogger the lost coast said...

Ah another Buffy afficionado, but the question is.....
in which camp are you? Is Joss still a genius, or was his killing off of Tara the straw of hubris that finally broke the camels back. I know in which camp I am, and it ain't the first!

For me I'm afraid BtVS finished at the end of S5. with one or two exceptions it never really worked afterwards, too dark, too depressing, too serious.

13/10/04 1:45 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I totally agree that the show took a turn for the worse after the end of five. Overall I didn't like 6. Season seven started off with alot of promise but went sideways again. I still think Joss is a TV genius but he spread himself way too thin that year and things slipped. Perhaps he needs the pressure of imminent cancellation to really bring out the goods rather than have two years of space to let things slide.

I'm obsessed enough that I want as much of it as I can get, so 6 and 7 are still part of it for me, even if they aren't it's finest hours.

14/10/04 2:26 am


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