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Sunday, October 3


Channel 7 is dipping back into the barrel of 'what haven't we aired for 6 months'. Tonight was the annual airing of Titanic.

Love it or hate it, Titanic is an iconic film from the end of last century. Let me tell you a boring story.

When I was in primary school, our library got a new book about the largest ship in the world. I borrowed it, and got totally enthralled in by the whole thing. I read that book cover to cover and could sprout facts and plenty of useless details about the ship and what happened to it. Fast forward 10, or so, years and there was no chance of me not going to see a film about it.

I, of course, loved it and went back to see it thrice. My first multiple cinema viewing. It wasn't the love story or anything like that, I was totally hooked by the ship and the people who populated it. There were imperfections left, right and centre, but I can forgive that because it is a film and not a documentary.

The level of detail is excellent and I'm still amazed at how they managed to find good actors who look exactly like the real people.

I hadn't watched Titanic for a couple of years now, but decided to watch it tonight. I had to laugh at myself, because within the first 15 minutes I was reciting lines word for word.

I'm not sad. Really I'm not.

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Blogger cat said...

Never seen Titanic and proud of it. :)

Other proud not-seens are: Moulin Rouge, anything mega-hyped (mostly because I got distracted and forgot what other movies I was going to write here...oops)

4/10/04 12:05 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

I watched a tiny bit of it on the TV, but the thought of an hour's worth of ads shoved into it put me off. I really think that three hour movies should be screened without advertisements.

I don't know about reciting lines, but my father and I have been known to quote Kate Winslet's repeated high-pitched "come back!"s just for kicks. ;-)

4/10/04 7:45 pm

Blogger Pickwick said...

Oh sure, you weren't into it for the love story! Come clean! ;-)

4/10/04 9:42 pm

Blogger Ben said...

every time you think that film might sink away for good, it just floats right back out on TV.

4/10/04 10:42 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I am happy for people to crap on this film, but I have a childhood obsession about the ship and I'm proud of it :-)

There are many unfortunate laugh moments. The biggest being when the guy bounces off the propeller! He he.

Imagine how they will butcher Lord of the Rings with ads when they air it later this year. I cringe at the thought.

Beyond Elsewhere, you didn't watch Moulin Rouge because of the hype? Such a waste! Of course, being an Aussie film I may be a little biased. Thinking about Moulin Rouge leads me to think about Baz's Romeo and Juliet. Now I want to rewatch it too!

4/10/04 11:45 pm


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