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Saturday, October 2

Post It Issue

When does it become a problem?

When my list of potential post topics spills onto 4 post-it notes? I feel a need to blurge so I can purge myself of this list.

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Blogger Pickwick said...

So, just do it:-)

2/10/04 9:33 am

Blogger Ben said...

you keep potential post-it notes? does your place look like Yomiko Readman's? (from Read or Die)

2/10/04 1:41 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

I think I need to work myself up for a blurge. Maybe this week. The list is only getting longer as I keep writing posts about the latest thing in my brain.

There is only 4 postits on my old computer screen at the moment. So, it's not too bad. I've not seen that film, you'll have to share :-)

4/10/04 12:30 am


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