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Wednesday, October 6

Paper Cuts - Antrax Letter

Underwhelmed, or perhaps only whelmed (if that's even possible). That's how I feel about the Terry Brooks series The Voyage of Jerle Shannara. I'm currently midway through the third volume called 'Morgawr'.

Antrax is the middle and second book. Starting with a flashback to explain the 'cliffhanger' at the end of book one, the crew of The Jerle Shannara are asunder around the city of Castledown.

I have been enjoying them, but haven't been excited about returning each night. The characters and the world are solid, the plot is interesting and events are quick enough in coming that I don't get bored, yet there is something missing.

Bek Rowe and the discovery of his heritage; his link to the Isle Witch; Walker's quest for the books; and the discovery of Antrax are good stories. The interweaving of multiple stories, 5 at one point, is successful but I felt some of the characters get left behind, for example Quentin, Bek's cousin.

Antrax is a worthy successor to the Isle Witch, I hope that Morgawr will fulfill my needs for a good read. I think it'll be time for a change in pace after this book.

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