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Saturday, October 9


I am recovering nail biter.

Something I inherited from my Dad. My whole life, I never had nails. I really hated it, but could not not do it. Until, when I was in uni, I made a mental decision and within a month had healthy nails of decent length. Then, I'd get stressed-out; they would all go within a week. This past year I've relapsed twice. I'm back with nails again and I can't think how I ever do without them, they are so very handy!

I predict my next relapse around the 10th of December...

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

I had two friends in highschool who used to tell me off every time I bit my nails! It was a fantastic cure for the habit, as I gave it up so they would stop getting cranky with me, and I've never relapsed.

So now I feel qualified to apply this cure to you: Casyn, don't bite your nails! Especially not around the 10th of December! ;-)

9/10/04 8:54 am

Blogger Ben said...

failing that, you need to coat them in something that tastes yuk to keep them out of your mouth. like pumpkin. bleagh.

9/10/04 8:38 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

So you used peer pressure to positively influence your life? Well done! I don't recall getting anything positive out of it.

I've never tried the bad tasting products thing. It's not a matter of stopping really. I usually don't notice that they've gone until it's too late.

Maybe I'll just wrap my hands in gaff for those couple of days. It's only the biggest gig of the year, I won't need my hands for that...


10/10/04 1:00 am

Blogger Pickwick said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10/10/04 2:07 am

Blogger Ben said...

That's an unusual thing for Piwi to say rofl

10/10/04 3:27 pm


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