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Wednesday, October 13

End of the Line

Yesterday I purchased the final pack of Buffy DVDs. I now own all of them. 144 episode of TV history. I remember after watching the final ep that it didn't seem real, and having Angel on every week let me live on with that delusion. Now Angel has finished and I own all of the Buffys I can own. It really is over and will never be again.

As the pack I bought was season 7 part 1 I've started to watch them so I can see them at their finest. The difference watching them on DVD is astounding. I know fairly well what happens in each ep, yet, with the widescreen and excellent sound, things seem all new. There were a few excellent jump moments in the first ep, and tonight I watched 'Same Time, Same Place'. The Gnarl is one of the best and freakiest demons to terrorise our heros. It was like watching the eps for the first time again. I'm thriving on this and will continue.

I am eagerly awaiting 'Conversations with Dead People'. I miss the buzz of week to week watching and am hoping to find something to fill the hole.

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

This morning I got the email confirming my season 7 DVDs are on their way! Woohoo! I'm really excited as it's been ages since I've watched any Buffy. Will be good to get a second viewing of the season 7 eps too as I really can't recall much of the season (aside from the ending of course). :-)

And I'm almost on holiday, what great timing! I miss having a high quality weekly show to indulge in too. :-(

13/10/04 1:35 pm

Blogger onanymous said...

Very jealous. Unfortunately there is not much chance of owning any Buffyverse dvd's anytime soon...

13/10/04 4:18 pm

Blogger Violet said...

And I'm still waiting for the powers that be who've decided there's no need to make the Firefly DVDs available in NZ. The bastards.

13/10/04 5:05 pm

Blogger Ben said...

and I received three shiny new alts in the mail, woot!

13/10/04 10:23 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Sounds like a Buffy Marathon to me. :-)

I've just finished 'Him'. I had forgotten how well season 7 starts off. Lots of potential and some great eps.

Onanymous, do you have any repeats you can watch? We are Whedon-less unless one has pay-TV, so DVDs are the only way to go. Hopefully you'll get them soon :-)

NZ is still Firefly-less? Total crap! Not fair at all. You'll have to order it in from here maybe. Although, that may cost a bit. I've not had to do that before.

14/10/04 12:10 am

Blogger onanymous said...

Buffy was only shown on Mnet (a paid channel), so I'm still trying to catch up some of the seasons...
There was re-runs on Satelite up until 2 weeks ago, only to be bumped by Nip/Tuck.

14/10/04 3:46 pm

Blogger Violet said...

Tell me about it. If only Australia had Amazon...

14/10/04 6:32 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Buffy bumped for Nip/Tuck!! That's outrageous!

Grr indeed! Arg even!

Aussie Amazon. I like, there's no reason why that's not possible. Or an Australian/New Zealand based one! Perhaps a campaign should be started. Although, I'm sure the local stores wouldn't exactly be pleased about that.

14/10/04 10:39 pm

Blogger onanymous said...

We do have something similar to amazon,, but there Buffy is outrageously expensive, and they don't even have any Angel dvd's.

15/10/04 3:42 pm


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