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Saturday, November 6

No Manger For Me

Well you may or, mostly likely, may not have noticed that the Library has been a little on the silent side, and so have I, for the past couple of days. That would be because I am away! I'm away for two whole weeks!

Guess what? I brought my laptop with me since I can't live without it!

So, once I get set up in my next locale I'll be able to spend some time doing what I like, i.e. blogging. Of course that is around all the shopping and socialising and shows.

I went to see Vanity Fair tonight. It was the only movie on in this city that I hadn't seen, or was willing to see, when I had the whim to see something tonight. I thought it would never happen if I went to a capital city, but here I am going to strange things. There's nothing on at the Dendy cinemas that does anything for me either. I'm going to see Hero tomorrow night on a screen that's 25 metres wide. I'm likey to get brain meltdown from it.

I never mentioned it here, but I was contemplating taking up the Nanowrimo challenge. Over the past couple of weeks I'd been writing down notes and ideas, then eventually some early plot points (I needed something to do during the show, I wasn't terribly busy). I was seriously contemplating taking taking up the challenge. Two things struck me. One, it's fifty thousand words, and I've only just crossed the forty thousand mark with this blog; two, I'm going to be away for half of the time of the challenge. Now, as the past two days have proven, I'm in no mental place to be creating my butt off. I'm far to distracted by shopping and pretty lights. I had a half hour wait after Fair tonight, for a bus, and during that time I wrote half a page of novel text to see if I could manage it. I was surprised at how easy it was to put down what was in my head. I wrote my first line of dialogue. Then I got stuck.

I've decided that if I ever want a 'normal' job then bargain hunter it is! I've seen so many things that I've wanted to buy in the last two days because they are insanely cheap, but have to refrain due to the length of time my money has to last. I did spend about $100 on clothes today, which is something I needed to do. I have only bought two books. Which is amazing.

Target had 15% off store wide till today and that nearly lead to tears when I kept telling myself that I don't need more DVDs.

JB Hifi has earnt the title 'CD house of sin'. They had the Donnie Darko score soundtrack for $18, and a few others I talked myself out of.

Borders is my mecca. Nuff said.

While clothes shopping in Stone's Corner where all the retail wearhouses are I had the rare experience of pleasant and friendly staff who were helpful, encouraging and, well, helpful. I am so used to being totally ignored that it really made my day go better. I had a couple of them look flabbergasted when I would keep coming out of change rooms complaining that the smallest size was still too big. I won't mention the fun of finding a belt small enough for me...

Well, tomorrow I'm off to see the circus. The Cirque Du Soleil to be precise. I saw a newspaper article about them yesterday and I got a bit over-excited at the fact that this time they brought over the BIG tent. The blue and yellow striped one. It seats 2900 people rather than the 2000 the white one sat. YAY!

Yes, I'm excited. I'm allowed to be. This is a big thing and I love it!

The bugger is I have a 6.20am flight on Sunday morning. Grumble grumble.

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Blogger Violet said...

What did you think of Vanity Fair?

6/11/04 5:23 am

Blogger MuzeKez said...

Noooo! So many opportunities to play Blourne Identity and you didn't leave any clues! *sobs* Now, dare I stake out the huuuge blue 'n yellow Cirque tent tonight.. hmm, decisions decisions. ;-) Enjoy the show!

6/11/04 8:52 am

Blogger Jack said...

Hi! I hope you're having a great time!
Lets do NaNo together next year.

7/11/04 8:30 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I felt a bit indifferent about Vanity Fair. I felt like there was too much missing. I'm going to make time to about it, Hero and Quidam this week.

Sorry that I didn't play blorne identity. I was so unorganised for this trip that I didn't really have time to set it all up properly, nor did I have the time while I was in Bris. I flew out this morning to another part of the country. I don't know any readers who live here, so I'll have to give clues to my location. I am here to sit and watch something about a ring. :-)

I am having a great time thanks Jack! :-)
It is a little cool here though. I will keep plugging with my book notes and see what I get up to. Then, hopefully, next year I'll have the confidence to take the challenge up fully.

Have a great week everyone!

7/11/04 11:27 pm

Blogger onanymous said...

You are so lucky to be able to see Cirque live! Ever since my sister saw Quidam in London, it has been on my things to do before I die list.
Enjoy immensely!

8/11/04 3:59 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

I know where you are, I know where you are! :-)

11/11/04 6:12 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Cirque was excellent! They are always excellent live. I just love the atmosphere. I hope you get to see them one day, because it's an amazing experience.

So where am I Muzekez??

12/11/04 12:57 am

Blogger MuzeKez said...

You, dear Casyn, are in the City of Churches for "Der Ring Des Nibelungen".

Am I right? Do I get a prize? :-)

12/11/04 5:05 am


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