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Sunday, October 31

More, Even

Mmmm, cats. Anyone remember that furry guy from Melmac? Well, he's BACK! Alf now has his own talk show! I kid you not.

Rumour has it that our favourite Angel women are in the running to play Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman flick. Amy Acker and Charisma Carpenter have both been listed as possibilities from an 'inside source'. Along with Kerri Russell and Natalie Portman and two others I don't know. Amy Acker has denied she'd auditioned.

SMG talks about her new film The Grudge and a little bit about Buffy.

South Park crossed with Buffy?? Have a laugh.

Joss says he's not writing nor directing X-Men 3, but he would be interested in doing a Faith spin off now that Eliza is free from her Calling. I find this unlikely now that he's shut down Mutant Enemy though.

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