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Wednesday, November 10

Heel and Toe

Have you ever had the urge to shake your booty? What about going to a wedding and not making a complete fool of yourself out on the dance floor? I certainly have, but I have the self control to resist both urges. I have, however, also had urges to take up dance lessons. I think it may be fun. I’m talking about the type featured in Shall We Dance, not the scary local dance schools who are infested by small children.

I saw this on a large screen in a small cinema. It was too close for me even. I like to sit mid cinema at the local Birch cinemas normally. Back on topic now.

JLo and Richard Gere: strange coupling. Thankfully it's not the typical romcom. A remake of a Japanese film, Shall We Dance suffers from a Hollywood do-over, but manages to play out satisfactorily. There's no Oscars needed. No one really stretches their acting chops, but what this film does is give you a fun film that plucks the right chords and doesn't challenge. If you aren't terribly critical of the world, you'll likely leave the cinema feeling a bit happier than you went in, and possibly have a slight bounce in your step. If you want good film making then I believe the original is worth seeking.

2 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Violet said...

I quite enjoyed the original, but tend to avoid American remakes and haven't liked Richard Gere since "Days from Heaven".

11/11/04 5:20 am

Blogger Casyn said...

I've never been much of a Gere fan. I think I've never been able to get past his Pretty Woman persona. Weird.

He rather glided through this role with hardly any effort, and did an average job of trying to look like a bad dancer.

12/11/04 1:16 am


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