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Friday, November 26

Cartoon Recollections

What cartoons do you remember from your childhood? For me there was Transformers, He-man and She-ra, Voltron, Danger Mouse, and Roger Ramjet. This excellent feature article looks at the He-Man phenomenon from imaginative toys to cartoons and spin-offs.

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Blogger Ben said...

aw, there were more cartoons than that! we were never starved in the 80s :)

27/11/04 12:25 pm

Blogger Draic said...

Captain Planet, yay! but that was a bit later... I also remember snatches of Conan the Adventurer, and Dungeons and Dragons. And lots of Inspector Gadget (with the evil Claw - or is that the cat?)

27/11/04 4:57 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

Ok ok. There were lots more, but I was tired and that's what I could think of at the time. I'll expand the list with the others. I did watch most of what you've both mentioned.

I think Captain Planet was a nineties cartoon yes?

I loved Inspector Gadget!

There was an anime that was 5 people who wore space spandex suit looking things and the visors on their helmets were different colours. I'd be very happy if anyone could tell me the name of the show. I could make the details a little more vague too. :-)

27/11/04 10:47 pm

Blogger Ben said...

Battle of the Planets, the american remix of the much cooler Japanese Gatchaman! They tried to pretend the G on his belt was for G force.

28/11/04 12:48 am

Blogger Inspiral said...


1/12/04 11:15 am


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