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Friday, November 26

Interesting Stuff

Well, for me it is anyhow.

Ain't It Cool News has seen the film version of Phantom Of The Opera. It's a very positive article (they aren't afraid of not being) and I'm looking forward to escaping the heat over Christmas to catch this flick.

I like the show and really enjoyed the finale, but I'm unlikely to buy any book about The O.C. like this.

Joss Whedon is working on a new script and on the post productino of the Firefly movie 'Serenity', David Fury is working on 'Lost', Drew Z. Greenberg is writing for The O.C.. What are the former Buffy and Angel writing staff penning now?

Roald Dahl is back in fashion in case you didn’t know. The poster for the new Tim Burton, Johnny Depp starring, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory has been released.

Speilberg and Cruise are declaring War on the World. Sorry, War ‘of’ the Worlds.

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