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Saturday, April 23

Always Exciting

I love getting email. I certainly was surprised to find an email from Joss Whedon in my inbox. Sadly, not a personal one, but I've posted it below so all may read the news.

Hey guys.

I'm here on the official site, so that can only mean one thing: somebody finally told me my password! (Again.) It probably also means that I have some big-ass announcement or other. Well tops on the announcement list is this: after months of intensive yoga, i can finally touch my toes! (They feel round and bunion-y.)

But there's more! I'm talkin' movie news, peeps, so no more drumroll: Trailer. Serenity. Tuesday.

Yeah, kids, the haps is hap'nin', and it runs thus: EXCLUSIVELY on Apple movie trailers (and linked through this site as well of course) will be a small, medium, large or FULLSCREEN trailer for Serenity the major motion movie. Yeah, THE trailer. And the following Friday said trailer hits theaters. Which theaters? Until I get confirmation you'll have to guess, but I'm betting you can.

Now, here's a word of warning: this trailer ain't shy. If you're looking to live totally spoiler-free, know that there's plenty of key dialogue and images running through this bad boy. It's pretty tasty, though, and it doesn't give everything away. But close scrutiny will definitely learn you much of what's to come. (Anakin TOTALLY goes evil.) It's a nice piece to while away the time till September, and hopefully should intrigue th' peeps that don't have coats of brown.

The only thing more exciting than y'all finally seeing this was showing it to Nathan. Like a schoolboy giggled he.


Joss "You can't take my toes from me" Whedon.

5 viewers interjected with:

Blogger Ben said...

what's serenity?

24/4/05 10:14 am

Blogger Casyn said...

Serenity is the feature film based on the Joss' short lived TV show Firefly. I've a link to the site in my sidebar.

24/4/05 4:58 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

Hey Casyn, did you know there is going to be a Serenity test screening in Sydney this week? A friend at uni (who is also a Firefly fan) told me on Friday. Wish I could go-oo!

24/4/05 5:20 pm

Blogger Casyn said...

No I didn't, but I do now!! :-)

I wonder how I'll swindle a ticket, with airfairs, of course!

24/4/05 6:21 pm

Blogger MuzeKez said...

*squeals* Oooooh I love the trailer! Can't wait for the movie, why must it be so far away?

27/4/05 11:07 am


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