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Saturday, February 26

It's A Drought I Tell You

I've been having a bit of a dry spell. Due to lack of funds, I've been unable to see as many movies as I would have liked to. Due to working a couple of nights a week I'm always behind with my viewing. Thankfully, all is well in the bank department again, and I have already satisfied my cinema craving. I'll write about Constantine shortly. And, I'm organised now to have two days off a week so I can feed my TV habit (until I get disorganised again).

We're now four episodes into Lost and it's got me hooked. I think this last ep has settled into the rhythm we are likely to expect from now on. Scares, intrigues, misleads, and hints all still abound. More questions are being set up than have been answered so far, which is good really.

'Walkabout' was mostly about finding out more Orange Man (John Locke) was a great character to get more info on. They could have left him as a mystery for longer, I think, to make us perceive him as more of a threat. Terry O'Quinn performs this role so subtly I wanted the mystery to last longer, but the revelation at the end was worthy of a M. Night. Shyamalan film.

As soon as we Orange Man at work in a flashback, and be demeaned by his superior, I had the feeling that he was a little geeky. Playing strategy games during his lunch hour solidified my theory. The fact that in the jungle, hunting the boar, he was so intent on proving he could do it screamed of personal issues. And what an obstacle to overcome!

Locke is the only one who has seen the scary-tree-shaking-beasties. Will he die before he can share?

The Travel Agent had a horrible Australian accent. Expect more complaints if they have more Americans butchering our accent. The guy was on 'Passions'!

I'm wondering how long till a romance blossoms. There's not a TV show that I can think of that doesn't feature some sort of romance, and Jack and Kate seem to be the most obvious. Dominic Monaghan's (Charlie) pathetic attempts to flirt with Shannon were a great reality check for his character. I'm liking his character, and am waiting for the withdrawals form the drugs to start to kick in.

Who is the guy in the jungle?

I've changed the Lost link in my sidebar to the official site that's not from the network it airs on in the US. It's kinda fun to search the island for all the bits and pieces.

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